Just before Christmas last year, Extend’s founder and CEO Darren Stevenson had reason to have the local CFA Fire Brigade visit his home. As a thank you for their brief, non-emergency assistance that day, he personally donated $200 and a slab of beer to the fire station. He thought it would go towards a Christmas party for the hard working firefighters who had helped his family that day.

Shortly after, the Fire Captain came back to visit the Stevenson family to tell them some exciting news. Firstly, the beer was much appreciated! But more importantly, they needed vital new pieces of equipment which they hadn’t been able to purchase due to lack of funds. The $200 went towards upgrading their vital equipment. The crew were very excited!

Now we are embroiled in one of the worst fire disasters in the nation’s history and people from near and far want to help. Of course, many Extenders are donating to the official fire relief funds in their relevant states and that money will be distributed to those in need in due course. However, Darren’s experience with his local fire station has made him think of a way to touch many rural fire stations directly and immediately. Darren, on behalf of Extend, will donate $10,000 to distribute amongst rural fire stations in areas most affected by the tragic bush fires. That way, those Fire Captains are able to immediately purchase equipment they need right now.

All of us at Extend salute the men and women of the CFA, RFS and QFES who are battling these blazes on our behalf, as well as their brothers and sisters in the metropolitan fire brigades in all cities who are supporting our rural fire fighters by protecting townships while they battle in the bush. We also thank our friends from nations across the world, as close as New Zealand and as far as Canada, who have sent crews to relieve our exhausted heroes. We honour you all.