Before & After School Care
A place for curiosity,
imagination and laughter
Discover, Learn and Play

Extend offers a chance for children to learn and play in a fun and supported environment. Session times are tailored to the school’s community needs and aims to give families the assurance and support they need as they head into work.

Extend’s Before and After School Care program, develop and nurture young minds with science, cooking, sport and imaginative play. Children’s interests and ideas are central to our programs, customised under the My Time Our Place School Aged Care framework.

Extend promotes a healthy lifestyle by facilitating a device free zone with the exception of tablet-based homework. Every day there are extraordinary activities for children to discover, learn and play. Further, we create healthy habits by providing nutritional food and lots of opportunities to participate in active play.


Children are encouraged to shape their learning and play – whether it’s science, drama, cooking, sport or yoga, memorable experiences are being made every day.


With open arms, endless energy and a passion for teaching, Extend Educators make a real difference to children, families and the school community

Safe and protected

The safety and wellbeing of children and staff is of paramount importance to Extend. Our processes and procedures have given us an impeccable safety record.

Healthy and strong

Extend offers a range of nutritional food and encourages healthy eating as part of a wider program promoting active play for healthy minds and bodies!
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