New discoveries and playful adventures
helping you flourish these Spring holidays.

For working parents, holiday programs are essential. Extend Squad provides fantastic experiences so parents can continue to work knowing their children are safe, inspired and having unforgettable adventures.

Extend Squad excursions, incursions and activities will have children bouncing, rolling, twirling, competing and laughing all through the school holidays. Extend Squad takes the organising, packing and cleaning out of vacations and is the ultimate in school holiday entertainment!


Where services offer incursions or excursions, these will only proceed if it is safe to do so. Should the Premier of any state deem it not COVIDsafe to have third parties on site at schools, incursions will be cancelled and no charges for these incursions will occur. Should excursions be scheduled for areas that become deemed as ‘COVID hotspots’, these excursions will be cancelled and no charges for these excursions will occur. Parents will be given adequate notice, and an alternative fun activity will be arranged.

School holidays are all about fun, keeping kids entertained and providing them with opportunities to grow, learn, experience new adventures, and form life long friendships. At Extend, our holiday program offers a wide variety of activities, incursions and excursions including mind blowing science experiments, tasty culinary treats, creative play and action packed sports and obstacle challenges.