Leaders of Tomorrow
Emerging with resilience,
responsibility and creativity.
This pandemic has required strength and vision from leadership in all industries. It’s also required each of us to demonstrate resilience, responsibility and creativity in big ways and small every day. It’s been a tough time but we’ve had ample opportunity to be in awe… of our amazing health workers, our creative and adaptable teachers and children and our innovative business leaders.

In the face of the immense challenges shared by us all, Extend has remained focused and determined to emerge stronger and better. Moving forward, we focus on resilience, responsibility and creativity.

We owe it to our children, the leaders of tomorrow, to continue to demonstrate a duty of care to ourselves and others, to show them how they too can navigate the challenges that they will no doubt face in their futures.The pandemic has taught us many valuable life lessons, and at Extend, will continue to help raise responsible kids with new, fun and inspiring programs.

In the face of immense challenges and with the right guidance and encouragement, children have displayed all the leadership traits that we find in successful leaders. As we emerge from this pandemic with a mission to not just survive but rebuild and thrive. We stand ready to inspire the leaders of tomorrow!


Creativity gives us an ability to see the world in new ways, to find hidden gems that redefine what we believe is possible. During this pandemic, Extend have faced all challenges with critical thinking and creative problem solving. We are committed to surviving, rebuilding and thriving with innovative programming, smart processes and clever initiatives.